transmitting Ogham, 2018, Video, Duration 9:06.

I 'transmitted ogham' while on the Island of Inishlacken off the coast of Connemara during the 2018 Inishlacken Project Residency. The work is about the acceptance of cultural diversity and cultural evolution and uses emigration and immigration together with Ogham Script.  

Ogham Script dates from the fourth century AD in the Dingle area and gradually spread across Ireland. As a part of the project I developed a technique to transmit Ogham using light. With this I encoded and transmitted back towards the mainland the names of the families from the island dating from the start of the 20th century through images of the newly naturalised Irish from the start of the 21st century.  I obtained assistance from descendants of Inishlacken island emigrants to intercept and capture the signals and then convert them back to Roman script.

All images taken from the video documentation of the project.

Photo courtesy Mick O Dea.