Architects' Sketchbooks

I was invited to take part in this series of works by Paul Clarke of the Ulster University all based on Architects' Sketchbooks.


2016. 'Notations' (Book Publication)  is a collection of eight individual books that together form a folio of drawings, notes, collages, photographs and appropriated images taken from the notebooks of architects who use them as both reflective and reflexive forms of thinking.  It includes work by Tom dePaor, Michael Doherty, Grafton Architects, Seamus Lennon, McCullough Mulvin, O’Donnell + Tuomey and Nigel Peake.  Based on the principle that notebooks provide unique insights into personal worlds of drawing, this publication offers a set of open notations that can be interpreted and experienced as directly as they were drawn and made: unselfconsciously curious about the world.'   

Published by Gall Editions Editors: Paul Clarke and Peter Maybury  ISBN 978-0-9566293-4-0

Drawing on Life

2013. 'Drawing on Life' is a film about architects, and how they see the world through drawing. 

'The film frames eight short portraits of architects and practices as cinematic windows that look into this very individual world of drawing.......From the meditations on use and the travellers’ tales of Grafton Architects; the building of the drawing by O’Donnell+ Tuomey; writing as drawing by the architect and critic Shane O’Toole; through to the Belfast architect Michael Doherty’s vivid pencil studies – why architects draw is evocatively captured and documented in this film.' 

Paul Clarke and Conor McCafferty 

Notebooks and Narratives

2012. 'The Secret Laboratory' is a research project by Paul Clarke that reveals the hidden world of the architect’s sketchbook. It explores the unique creative space of the sketchbook through examining how it is used by a selection of local, national and international architects – based in Ireland and Northern Ireland. The project reveals the ideas, observations, thoughts and reflections that are often concealed in a drawer, a coat pocket or in the individual imagination of the architect. '

Each of the invited architects were allocated a glass covered table. These are the contents of mine.

Notebooks and Narratives, The Secret Laboratory