2020 Transmission by the Hearth

Digital Exhibition (install instructions below)

In the creation of this exhibition I have sought to take advantage of the opportunities provided by our phones and tablets to provide an experience which sits between the traditional gallery, the printed catalogue and the website.  To  make something more tangible than a website or social media.

I have developed this body of work into a digital exhibition displayed in a simplified reconstruction of the ruin of my family ancestral home acting as the venue for the paintings and drawings.

I am interested in the names we encounter in our daily lives and how these reflect the migration of peoples. Cultures move, inform one another and evolve. In this series I have taken names encountered, accepted them into Irish culture through transcription into ogham script and then metaphorically gathered them around my family hearth.

In this body of work I address the disparate cultural influences we encounter; the maintenance of diversity; the valuing of that diversity; acceptance of new influences on our culture and the need to welcome those new influences. The vehicle is the diversity of names we encounter, ogham script  and the hearth as a place of welcome.

Install Instructions

This exhibition is published as a three dimensional file with 2d catalogue for the BIMx app available on the android and Iphone app stores.

Firstly install the BIMx app from your app store.

Then within the app download the 'Transmission by the Hearth' file as follows:

1. In the BIMx app tap the 'plus' button to download.

2. Select BIMx Model Transfer.

3. Type 'Transmission by the Hearth' in the search window and search.

4. Tap the file to select it.

5. Then DON'T click the play button! Instead scroll down to, and tap, the blue download button to install.

Once installed simple navigation in the 3d view is just to double tap where you want to go. Also after installation be sure to read the 'help' section to get the most from your experience including accessing the 3d tour as a self running slideshow and 'walking' around at your own pace.

View on phone or a tablet in portrait mode for bigger images. Also google cardboard VR compatible.

The install instructions above are replicated in the diagrams below: