Pushing Boundaries, 2022, Oil on Canvas, 120 x 100cm 

On display November & December 2023 at the Ulster Museum as a part to the 2023 Royal Ulster Academy Annual Exhibition.

Michael Doherty  lives and works in Belfast.

His works have been selected for exhibition with the Royal Ulster Academy, The Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize, The Syracuse International Film Festival and the Ciall Sense of the Gaeltacht.

He has a Bachelor of Arts first class honours degree  in Fine Art (painting) from Ulster University. He has led drawing and painting classes and sketching tours for organisations including the Royal Society of Ulster Architects, Oideas Gael, The Irish Architecture Foundation and Belfast City Council.

He is a member of Visual Artists Ireland, the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland and the Royal Society of Ulster Architects. His practice as a Visual Artist and as an Architect continue in parallel.

Narratives around cultural diversity, society, and the environment, are dominant in his work.

Exhibiting Currently: 

Royal Ulster Academy Annual Exhibition. Ulster Museum, Belfast.

13 October 2023 - 01 January 2024

Engine Room Gallery, North Street, Belfast.

8 December 2023  - Christmas 2023

Royal Society of Ulster Architects, 2 Mount Charles, Belfast.

Mon - Thurs 2.30 - 5.00pm,  1 - 14 December 2023   -