Painting of padlock on a coloured and rusty metal door.

Michael Doherty is a Belfast artist and architect.

Appreciation of society, our environment, cultural diversity and politics are dominant themes in his work.

The craft of drawing has always been fundamental to his work and that is then delivered in various two dimensional media including in pencil, charcoal, pen, conte stick, inks, watercolour, print, acrylic and oils.

The content of the work is often allowed to drive the medium which has resulted more recently in some video, photography and installation in his practice.

Pictured is 'A Line on a Map' which featured in the 2018 Royal Ulster Academy annual exhibition.

The 2d and the 3d continually inform one another in his practice.

He is a director in the award winning architectural practice Doherty Architects

Illustrated works are in the Works and Projects section of this website and on instagram