Painting of padlock on a coloured and rusty metal door.

Michael Doherty is a Belfast artist and architect working in buildings, pencil, charcoal, pen, conte stick, inks, watercolour, print, acrylic and oils. Also some video, photography and installation.

This website deals with the non architectural work I make. A lot of the work is the byproduct of observation, selection, memorising, editing, and understanding both the recorded objects themselves and how to compose and appropriately record them onto a two dimensional surface. I've loosely gathered them here under the title 'michaeldohertyart'.

Pictured is my piece 'A Line on a Map' which featured in the 2018 Royal Ulster Academy annual exhibition.

The 2d and the 3d continually inform one another. If it's that other art, 'Architecture', that most interests you then take a look at our architecture practice website Doherty Architects

The Works and Projects section of this site will give you an insight into some of may ways of working.

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