2014 Lindos

Can't help going back to Lindos on Rhodes Island. Such a beautiful place full of inspiration light and shade.

The themes tend to repeat from year to year but there are always new pictures to be found.

Streetscapes: The tight narrow streets dating back hundreds of years and a street pattern maybe thousands of years offers loads of opportunities for pictures based on geometry.

Land and seascapes: Put a few of these in this year.

Archaeology: A great place for archaeology. Went back to a couple of the old favourites, the Greek amphitheatre which was in the process of being cleaned up and the four portico building adjacent. This year I worked out how to get up to the Archokrateion on the hill at Krana. The Archokrateion is a tomb in pretty bad condition but it provided some great drawing opportunities.

Some Details around the village:

The Donkeys: Have to go visit the donkeys every year. This year I spent more time looking at their overall shape.