Cut off bollards.......

Cut off bollards

6, 26 and 32


barracks site

In developing this piece I was influenced by several factors including being raised in the vicinity of the site, consideration of where we sit as a society both socially and politically, viewing remnants of the conflict in Dubrovnic, and having considered this site as an architect.

The work makes reference to borders, defined territory, aerial photography, the unspoken and archaeology.

'Cut off bollards 6, 26 and 32 Andersonstown barracks site' was selected for the 2012 Royal Ulster Academy Exhibition and was included in the 'Illustrated Works' section of the Exhibition catalogue on page 77.

Effect of shrapnel on limestone/marble paving.

Pencil sketch Dubrovnik 2011

Cut off bollard

Pencil Sketch, Andersonstown Barracks Site, Belfast 2012