2011 Ciall

  • Is there a Gaeltacht sensibility?
  • If so how is this expressed?
  • Does a Gaeltacht sensibility inform the work of contemporary visual artists?
These were some of the principles behind this exhibition for which I had 2 works selected from the 3 submitted below.

(damp, humid, moist, 
soft, tender, compassion-

This is one of a series of images 
made to describe the degradation 
of this abandoned terrace and 
schoolhouse in Gleann Cholm 
As with other pieces of my work it 
reacts against the romanticised 
view of the building in the 
Specifically I was interested in the 
marks made by the absence of the 
rainwater downpipe and the 
resulting marking on the building 
The image elevates the dampness 
as the focal point both by position 
and colour while the window 
provides scale and its positioning 
creates a certain unease. 

This picture was selected for exhibition

Inflected Landscape 

The abandonment and degradation of 
this vernacular dwelling has formed 
the basis for this drawing. 
It has provided the opportunity to 
project an image which inverts the 
traditional and romanticised image of 
the thatched cottage, billowing smoke 
from a turf fire and set in a 
mountainous landscape. 
Instead the landscape is reflected in 
the remaining glass, surrounded and 
enclosed by the window.  The window 
itself in its current state has almost a 
dishevelled human character  and is 
subordinate to the white page.  It 
floats rather than being fixed and is in 
elevation rather than perspective. 

This picture was selected for exhibition.


I was attracted to draw this 
image for several reasons. 
Primarily it reduced the 
Gaeltacht landscape of 
Gleann Cholm Cille down to 
its base elements; Hills, an 
occasional tree, stone wall 
and fuscia hedge atop. 
At a second level I could 
approach the landscape as 
an elevation in much the 
same manner as a flat 
elevation of a building can 
be approached, a series of 
elements arranged on the 
page with the attraction and 
tension between 
considered in their weight 
and positioning. 
The final element is the gap 
with rough paving slabs.  
Human presence in